New York Self Defense Academy | Security Training
New York Self Defense Academy is an independent branch/division of The World Security & Self Defense Academy. Leading experts in security, counter-terrorism, & self-defense. Our Founder & Chief Instructor, Mr. Avi Abraham, is certified as a security & counter-terrorism instructor since 2005 with almost 30 years experience in Martial Arts, Krav Maga/Self Defense, and a former Israeli soldier.
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Security Training

Security Training

The New York Self Defense Academy is the leading experts in Security training. we provide training to multiple Security agencies/companies in the tristate area.


We also offer security training to houses of worship, due to the fact that they are an ‘easy’ targets, just like the recent active shooter terror attacks at the Tree of Life congregation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last October and the Chabad of Poway synagogue in San Diego on April of this year.


Our Chief instructor Avi Abraham is also the Krav Maga chief instructor of the CSS (Security Community Services) a non-profit organization helping houses of worship defend themselves from any violence scenario as well as active shooter attacks.


The New York Self Defense Academy will help your organization get the knowledge you’ll need in order to keep your community SAFE!


We offer few options of training; multiple sessions and single events.


For more info and if you would like to get this unique training to your congregants, call now.